wild kingdom

“We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! How about you? you? you?”

Me? I feel like we live in one. There are no cages and the animals are mostly tame, but every now and then, you can hear contemptuous roaring from wild cats about to attack doe-eyed innocents. And then there are the sneaky, snarky primates who are up to all kinds of nonsense, when they’re being watched and when they’re not.

The keeper of this Wild Kingdom is a gigantic, vicious, bright orange orangutan. He constantly surrounds himself with like-minded beasts who use their paws and their bigness to stomp and thump and grab and holler their nonsense at anyone who will listen.

All the animals of this zoo are in uproar. Those who aren’t spend their time sleeping.

I wonder what will happen when they will wake up….

via Daily Prompt: Zoo

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