Daily Prompt: Rhyme

I’ve been thinking about this all day…. ever since seeing today’s word. I was going to be clever and post something like:

“I have no time for rhyme.

I need a lime

or maybe a dime.”

Something without much substance.

Then, that turned into:

“I have no time for rhyme – my life’s not so sublime”

as if we need to be stupidly happy for a rhyming poem!

This all got me thinking about the general attitude toward rhyming itself and how it’s somewhat frowned upon by some of the self-titled “literati.” So, what I want to know is this:

When did rhymes become juvenile? Who declared them to be tired and worthless? When did we forget Shakespeare was the ultimate rhyming master? A spinner of words and wit – much like today’s rap artists!

Do we shy away from rhyme because of its association with rap?!?! How elitist would THAT be?!

We have filled our houses with rhyming books for children from A Child’s Garden of Verses (which I still own, by the way) to Dr Seuss and beyond. Yet, we no longer revel in a clever turn of phrase. No. Instead, we rhyme by accident then brush it off like lint.

“AH! I’m a poet and didn’t know it!”

“See what I did there?”

wink wink

And then we make fun of the sappy and cliche love poems comparing our emotional state to the color of flowers. How sad.


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