Chocolate Caramel Caper

It started so simply. Hungry for a snack, I crept into the kitchen and searched for morsels, but all temptation had been swept out with yesterday’s garbage. Imagine my surprise when lo and behold! There on the forbidden pantry shelf, tucked into a corner almost completely out of sight, was the object of ultimate satisfaction. A big, thick, sticky, gooey gob of chocolate covered caramel wrapped in waxed paper with ends twisted like ribbons on a gift package. Oh how easy it would have been to simply swipe that sweet and shove it into my waiting mouth. Instead, I was determined to fully savor the moment. A moment like this might not ever come again. I snatched the sweet and shoved it into my pocket, looking around to see if anyone spied my theft. No eyes were on me. My way was clear. “I’m going outside,” I chimed gleefully and pirouetted out the door. There, feet entangled in the cool-with-dew summer grass, I untwisted one end, relishing the crinkle, and peeled the waxed paper halfway back, giving just enough space for my watery  mouth to wrap itself around it and take a bite. Which is what I did. And it was good. I chewed slowly, eyes closed in rapture and head tilted to the sky. Arms spread wide, I turned in a joyful spin only to stare into the disapproving glare of my conscience.

via Daily Prompt: Caper

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