One Word

Interesting how one thing, one word, can be beautiful, lyrically exciting, frustratingly incomprehensible, and down-right insulting, but never all at once.

A man can have a slur in his voice, which makes people ask him to repeat for clarity and question his level of sobriety, or sanity.

A singer can slur the notes being sung to make the music more playful and energetic.

A person – or more likely, a walking stereotype her/himself – can string a sentence of slurs together and hurl it at any unsuspecting passerby.

One word, three responses.

The difference is all in the hearing.

Yet, add two letters: ry

and you get a pulverized mush.

A slurry of words or emotions or formerly-solid material (a person slurred to the point of subjugation)

via Slur



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  1. This is a great piece. Very well thought out.


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