via Daily Prompt: Heard

“Yes, yes! We heard you.”

“Enough, I say!”

Your eyes roll as soon as her mouth opens

as if you already know what she’s going to say

But you never really hear.

You never really hear because you don’t care to.

Because it’s not part of your script.

This is all Reality-TV, anyway, Right?

You shove your fingers in your ears

like a six-year-old

and waggle your tongue

in that sing-songy way

“Nah-nah-na nah nah! I ca-an’t heeeeeeeeear you!”

as if that makes the truth dissolve

But it never works.

WE hear.

We have heard the tolling bells of history

and We Remember

WE hear the call to action


We will steal your dice so you can’t play your Monopoly

Dismantle your bulldozer

We will hold a mirror up to your aggression

And we will keep going until Progress is Sanity



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