via Daily Prompt: Simple

There is nothing simple about today. Nothing easy.

Today is full of complexity and


and some might say

far too many shades of gray for far too many people insisting on black and white.

You see,

Where you see gray, I see platinum and silver and shiny gunmetal flecked with blue

and sometimes, even gold.

I see a rainbow of Maybe

and Yes, We Can / Si, Se Puede!


Yesterday may have been simple…..

if you accept simplicity in the act of forced conformity.

And the “simplicity” of Yesterday

is  Romantic


I don’t want to go back there!

– don’t want to be shoved in a box just like other boxes!

You may not tell me what to do

with my body

with my heart

with my desire

with my beliefs

with my vote

and if you do, I will rise

like a phoenix: hell-bent and beautiful

and tell you where you can shove your yesterdays.

They are too small

for Me.





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