Looking for Inspiration

I took myself on a writing assignment date this afternoon, and I could not be more grateful!

Recently, I purchased a copy of The 3 am EpiphanyUncommon Writing Exercises that Transform Your Fiction. The first assignment I chose to do (because the author encourages you to play a kind of book roulette and do whatever strikes your fancy in whatever order) involves creating a found history.

The instructions are to browse through old copies of magazines, newspaper clippings, or to try to find actual artifacts from history like ticket stubs or postcards written last century. Well, anyone who knows me also knows that I’m a bit of a packrat. Not a good idea for me to get distracted in my own memories…. Not for a writing assignment involving this type of found history. I had to search for things to grab my attention, not distract my attention.

Hence, my date.

I took myself to an antique shop. (cue gleeful cheers)

I LOOOOOVE antique shops! I love all the little pieces of other people’s lives strewn about in haphazard mini-collections… mismatched furniture set up to look like someone’s library… silver platters, photographs, jewelry, clothing from every era, kids’ books and toys, door knobs, and tool boxes all gathered together just waiting for someone to make it their own. To me, an antique shop is like a museum or an archive of lost family memory.

And so, while I bought nothing, I left feeling as though I took a carload home with me. I can’t wait to see what new writing emerges!


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