Business as UNusual

For this story, the following words had to be used: housewife, moonwalk, alien, ignore, dog, lightning, basement, embrace, conclude, time


She was just an ordinary housewife tending to the ordinary needs around the house. For today, that meant laundry, which in turn meant spending the day climbing stairs between the basement and the second floor bedrooms. The dog loved laundry day. Every ascent on the staircase meant another opportunity for a race or a dance between her legs in an attempt not to get stepped on, or tripped over. And sometimes, the dog never knew when the mood would strike, but sometimes an ascent meant an opportunity to trip her on purpose. It all depending on hunger.

She started up the stairs, trying to ignore the dog’s incessant barking. “We’re not playing this game today,” she scolded. Ordinarily, this would be accompanied by a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ear, but this time, her arms were filled with perfectly folded and pressed linens. “No time,” she added. “We have guests coming!”

This made the dog even more excited. She was trying to gentle prod him away from her legs when something like lightning struck the roof of her house and sent tremors through the walls. She grabbed the handrail to keep from falling while somehow managing to keep the linens balanced between her other arm and her torso. She sniffed the air, searching for signs of fire. She smelled nothing but a faint trace of ozone.

When the tremors finally stopped and her heartbeat calmed, she continued her ascent. The stairs had somehow grown longer, the rise between them higher. By the time she got to the landing, she was exhausted. Sweat beaded and threatened to spoil her freshly cleaned sheets. “No,” she said. “This will not do.” She had no time to waste before the children needed shuttling to opposite sides of the city for ballet and soccer and her own painting class.

She trudged on. She yanked open the door to the linen closet but was thrown back by a blast of arctic chill. She felt weightless.

She was weightless!

Something like arms wrapped themselves around her in an oddly formed embrace.

“Care for a moonwalk, Mrs D?” the alien asked.

And thus concluded her normal, ordinary life.


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